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Save energy with wool

How to save energy with wool

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5 tips to reduce your energy bill and help the planet Saving energy has always been important for our pockets, but also for the climate. Now, with the world being a bit in turmoil, our next energy bill will most likely be higher than usual.…
Why run in merino wool - Core MerinoCore Merino

Why you should run in wool

Haven’t started running in wool yet? Here are 5 reasons why you should.   When people think of wool, many typically think of an itchy wool sweater — definitely not the type of material you want to be wearing when you’re going…
Why Wool Matters HRH The Prince of Wales

Why Wool Matters – To the Planet and our Futures

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Why Wool Matters: A short documentary produced with His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales for the Campaign for Wool Against a background of misleading anti wool lobbying currently orchestrated by global giants of fast fashion, the Campaign…
Camp Sustainably

How to camp sustainably

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8 tips for no-impact camping With the Easter holidays coming up, some of us may consider going camping. Camping allows us to emerge ourselves entirely in nature and experience the wild and basic life. Experiencing the great outdoors is a wonderful…
Core Merino Bikepacking Guide

A Beginner’s Guide to Bikepacking

We have to be honest, none of us at Core Merino are experts on bikepacking. But we have been fortunate to regale in stories with quite a number of our customers who have taken our gear out on their own bikepacking adventures, which has left…

Field Tester Zane Schmahl

Insights from the Vasbyt Expedition Race   Zane Schmahl is another one of our Core Merino field testers. Zane, who calls himself an Adventure Bunny, recently took part in the Vasbyt Expedition Race. We had a short talk to him to learn…

Why and how to Start Cross-Training

Cross-Training tips to reach your personal training goals   Do you ever find yourself doing the same workouts over and over again and not getting the results you are hoping for? It could be because you are not mixing up your exercises…

Incorporating the Outdoors into Your Work Week

Getting outdoors during the work week isn't always easy so we've rounded up some tips to help you reap the rewards of getting out into nature.   Being an apparel brand focused on the active outdoors we try to spend as much time as possible…
Goal-setting tips for 2022s-o-c-i-a-l-c-u-t-6iYb1BWWbV0-unsplash

Goal-setting tips for 2022

Three goals-setting tips that will help you achieve your new year’s resolutions for real   On the 30th of April 1918, the well-known writer T.S. Elliot wrote in his diary, ‘Not gone to the gym once this month. Failure! Failure!…