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LayeringCore Merino

Layering – How to keep warm and comfortable during winter

The art of layering (wool) clothes With June upon us, it is officially wintertime in South Africa. This means we are looking at 3 months of colder temperatures and the possibility of snow if you live in the mountainous areas of our beautiful…
How to make your workout clothes last longerCore Merino

How to make your workout clothes last longer?

6 Tips to get more out of your workout clothes, save money and the planet Workout clothes are designed to support you in the best possible way while you are out running, cycling or pushing your limits at the gym. This is ensured through a special…
Animal Welfare in South AfricaCore Merino / BKB

South African Merino – grown in line with high animal welfare standards

How South African woolgrowers take good care of their sheep South Africa is a beautifully diverse country with a long and rich history of sheep and wool farming. This long history has established woolgrowers who have a keen appreciation of…
Earth Day 2021 - Core MerinoCore Merino

Every Day is Earth Day

How to make a difference every day to help restore our earth Every April 22nd, Earth Day is celebrated to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Thousands of events have been organised on Earth Day already since 1970. Of course,…
Odour resistant - The No-stink effect of merino woolJacques Marais South Africa

Odour Resistant – The no-stink effect of merino wool

Wear your merino wool garments for longer and still smell good Body odour is a personal as well as social topic, as we want to feel fresh and clean and not be perceived by others as smelling bad. When we work out or travel in our clothes for…
CertificationsCore Merino

Understanding the certifications and standards of merino wool garments

It's a certification jungle out there When you shop for clothes in the store or online, you will notice that more and more garments have little tags with one or more certification logos on them. These tags tell you that this particular garment…

Why Merino Wool for Hiking?

Why Merino is essential for your next hiking trip? Given the enormous amount of time, we have spent in our homes to help curb the spread of the coronavirus over the past year, it most certainly leaves us craving wide-open spaces and the fresh…
Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day – 6 ideas to make it special despite lockdown

In 2021, most of your typical Valentine's Day date options are difficult to undertake because of current lockdown restrictions. However, this year we have one advantage working in our favour: the 14th of February falls on a Sunday! This means…
Why Wool in Sports - Wool BenefitsCore Merino

Why Wool in Sports

Get to know why wool is the all-natural performance fabric For us at Core Merino, it is so obvious why we enjoy wearing wool in sports and why we create our outdoor and sports garments out of wool. However, whenever we get to meet our fellow…