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The value of wool

Why wool garments are good value for your money

Debunking the high-price myth of merino wool garments A typical sentence we tend to hear at Core Merino is that wool garments (not just our products) are expensive. Indeed, when you directly compare the price tags of a synthetic, viscose, or…
Why wool and water sports - Core Merino

Wool and Water Sports

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Why wool performs in wet conditions One of the most common misconceptions we hear and read about wool is to not let it get wet. Some say it because they think it will shrink, some say it because they think it will react like cotton and lose…
Repair your wool garments

Why and how to repair your wool garments?

Tips and tricks to help you mend small and big holes in your wool garments At Core Merino we love to sell our wool garments, however, we are also passionate about you keeping, wearing and loving your Core Merino products as long as possible.…

Stay Smiling with Simone Sharpe

In honour of Women's Day in South Africa our next field tester feature is a truly inspirational woman who we have had the pleasure of testing out and modeling our gear! We had the chance of asking her about her adventures and share them with…
How to spend 67 minutes for Mandela Day Blog Post Core Merino

Mandela Day – How will you spend your 67 minutes?

With Mandela Day right around the corner and the current crises we are facing in South Africa, we can’t help but feel the need to spread a little positivity and make sure we are all working to make the world a better place. Fortunately, Mandela…
Sleep better in wool

Sleep better in wool

Learn how wool improves your sleep More and more research shows how important sleep is for our overall health and wellbeing. We, humans, spend one-third of our lives sleeping because it is vital for our body to repair itself and be fit for…
Hiking in South Africa in Merino WoolCore Merino

Your ultimate hiking guide for your next adventure

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At Core Merino, we are all about getting out there and being active. Hiking is one of our favourite outdoor activities as it offers something for everyone to enjoy. However, also a hiking trip needs some planning and consideration. Therefore,…
LayeringCore Merino

Layering – How to keep warm and comfortable during winter

The art of layering (wool) clothes With June upon us, it is officially wintertime in South Africa. This means we are looking at 3 months of colder temperatures and the possibility of snow if you live in the mountainous areas of our beautiful…
How to make your workout clothes last longerCore Merino

How to make your workout clothes last longer?

6 Tips to get more out of your workout clothes, save money and the planet Workout clothes are designed to support you in the best possible way while you are out running, cycling or pushing your limits at the gym. This is ensured through a special…