Caring for your CORE merino

Wool garments are proven to require less washing than the other dominant apparel fibres, which often leads to a much longer garment life. The key is in taking advantage of wool’s natural odour-resistance, stain-resistance and ability to bounce back to its original shape allowing you to wear your CORE garments more and wash them less. CORE merino garments are designed in a way to make caring for them easy.


When you do need to wash your CORE garments, we suggest these steps:

  • Turn garments inside out to prolong the item’s ‘new’ look and feel
  • Close all zippers
  • Keep light and darks separate
  • Use a wool detergent
  • Warm (40°) or cool (30°) wash temperature
  • Short gentle cycle or wool cycle, if available
  • Do not use fabric softener or bleach
  • Lie flat or line dry garments
  • Low iron wool setting or 120°, if required


Other tips:

  • To remove cigarette or food odours, lay wool garments flat on a bed or towel for an hour.
  • Wool garments can be refreshed after unpacking or wearing by hanging them in a steamy bathroom. Moisture from the steam will remove wrinkles.
  • To help your CORE garments keep their shape, they should be gently folded and stored in drawers.
  • For long-term storage, ensure your garments are clean and pack away in airtight bags or containers to ensure no moths will harm the garments.