Covid-19 special edition

At Core Merino, we have been promoting our new Merino Wool Neck Warmers as an alternative to wearing a face mask during the Covid-19 pandemic. As we are promoting wool face masks as an alternative to single-use face masks or face masks made of cotton or other fibres, we want to make sure we address some of the concerns you may have.

So if you are thinking about wearing our merino wool neck warmer as a face mask or already do but are unsure if it is safe, this blog post is for you.


Biggest concern: wash on a cold wool cycle only

Whenever you read the care label on all of our merino wool products, you will notice that it says: wash on cold wool cycle. This also holds true for our neck warmers. The reason is that hot water temperatures combined with the tumbling in the washing machine can lead to unwanted felting effects. Depending on your washing machine this means a wool cycle reaches between 20-40° Celcius.

Now, all of us have learned that we need to wash our clothes (and re-usable face masks) at 60° C in order to kill viruses and bacteria. So what does this mean for safely cleaning our merino wool face masks if we cannot wash them at high temperatures? The answer is that we need to dig in a little bit more into what actually kills the Covid-19 virus.

Do you wash your hands at 60°C?

The easiest way to understand what kills off the Covid-19 virus is to look at the recommendations for regularly washing our hands. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that we regularly wet, lather and then scrub our hands with soap for 20 seconds followed by rinsing our hands with water and dry them. Nowhere does it say that we need to use water with a temperature of 60° C as anyways that would hurt our skin.

Combination of water, soap, temperature, and movement

Like many things in life, it is the combination of things that do the trick. In the case of disinfecting our hands (and face masks), it is the combination of soap, water, movement, and temperature.

Research shows that a fat cover with proteins surrounds the coronavirus. The inner part contains the RNA (genetic material). Soap molecules have two ends: One attaches itself to water molecules (H2O) and the other end to fat. The soap molecules break open the fat cover of the coronavirus. Without a protective cover, the virus can no longer multiply. When rinsing your hands (or clothes) with water, the virus residues are then washed away. The movement of your hands ensures the soap and water gets to all parts of your hands.

When we wash our merino wool neckwarmers on a wool cycle in our washing machine or even when we wash it by hand in the sink, we combine all of these four elements as well and therefore ensure the Covid-19 virus is destroyed and removed from our neck warmer. So, we do not need to wash our neck warmers at 60°C, as already soap, water, movement and warm water temperatures of our wool cycle are enough.

Last but not least, all of this of course only works if you wash your merino wool neck warmer or reusable face mask on a regular basis.

We hope we were able to answer any questions or concerns you may have had about the safety of wearing wool as a face mask like our Core Merino neck warmer.

If you have any further questions that we can answer, make sure you get in contact with us anytime. We are always happy to talk wool 🙂


Gift a little comfort, warmth, and softness this year

We don’t want to hear it and we don’t want it to be true, but let’s face it: This Christmas 2020 will be different, strange, and not what we are used to. Why? Because the Covid-19 pandemic is still a major health threat and continues to disrupt our lives including this year’s Christmas. At this time as we write this blog post, we don’t know yet, what the health and safety measurements are going to be like during our Christmas and Holiday season. Will we be able to travel and meet our family members? How many households will be able to come together? Can we visit family abroad or have family from abroad visit us? The uncertainties are plenty and we need to brace ourselves for an emotional rollercoaster, willingness to stay flexible, and adapt our plans as things become clearer closer to Christmas. 

At the Core Merino office, we try to apply some lessons we learned in our Yoga and Meditation classes: Living in the moment and accepting the things around us that we cannot change or influence in order to feel calmer and happier. Maybe this mindfulness practice will help you as well if thinking about the upcoming Christmas season makes you feel uneasy and anxious.

However, there are a few things we can already plan and prepare as December is almost here such as finishing our Christmas shopping online. Like last year, we have put together some ideas that might inspire you to find the perfect gift for one of your loved ones. 

Here are our 2020 Core Merino Christmas gift ideas:


Neck Warmer – A practical face mask

Speaking of the Covid-19 pandemic, our neck warmer is a practical gift that can be worn as a face mask. The advantage is that when we put it around our neck once we go out, we always have it handy when we need to cover our face. This neck warmer is a sustainable choice, as it can be worn throughout the year and not only during a pandemic. 

Neck Warmer

Pajamas – Or a better night sleep

PJs for Christmas? What a boring gift idea. Point taken, but hear us out! Our merino wool summer and winter sleepwear bundles are not just something to wear when you sleep, they actually help you sleep better by enhancing your overall sleep quality. Research shows that sleeping in merino wool helps you fall asleep faster, have longer periods of a deep sleep, and help sleep longer. So are you going to gift pajamas or a better night’s sleep with our sleepwear set? We let you decide. 

Core Merino Sleepwear Bundle Women

Yoga Wear – Or a calmer mind

As mentioned in this blog post earlier, all of us are living through troubling and uncertain times. This requires us to adopt some strategies that help us stay calm, motivated, and resilient. Research shows, that regular yoga or mindfulness practice can help us build a resilient mindset. Maybe you know that one of your friends or family members has started practicing Yoga or is thinking of joining an (online) yoga class. In this case, gifting them one of our Yoga garments or even the Yoga Bundle can help them stay motivated to start and continue practicing.    

Merino Wool Yoga Bundle

Polo Shirt – Or a smart sharp yet comfortable look

We just received a new order of Men’s Polo Shirts and as we unpacked them in our warehouse and had our male colleagues try them on, we knew we had a winner. Our polo shirts magically make you look well dressed. The polo is suitable for leisure and more official events while always feeling comfortable due to the merino wool benefits. So if you are looking for a present for a man, you cannot go wrong with this merino wool polo shirt

Polo Shirt

Hopefully, our 2020 gift ideas were helpful for you. If you decide to buy one of our products, make sure you place your order before 12 pm on 18 December 2020 in order for us to deliver the gift just in time before Christmas. 


5 reasons to wear merino wool underwear all year round

With the days warming up you may have started to pack away some of your Merino garments in place of cotton and linen summertime alternatives. But there should at least be one Merino style that does not get packed away no matter the time of year, your wool undies. At Core Merino, we get asked a lot – why Merino wool underwear?

All of the same great benefits you get from your other Merino apparel apply to our underwear styles. Wool doesn’t hold onto moisture, so it dries quickly. If you’re looking for underwear that may not feel as sweaty in warmer temperatures or while you exercise, merino wool underwear will keep you drier than cotton. Now, there’s no way to sugarcoat it, wool undies are more expensive than those made of cotton or synthetics but have been made to be long-lasting and durable. The South African Merino wool used in our products is extremely fine and soft, so it won’t itch. It is hypoallergenic and it is an environmentally sustainable material. And because they are so lightweight, quick-drying and easy to clean, they are great for packing them for summer trips.


Here are five reasons why Merino underwear is worth the cost:

Wicks well: It is a strong, natural material that performs well in terms of wicking moisture away from your body, keeping your skin dry and chafe-free.

Climate control: Merino wool is very insulating for its weight. That means it feels very thin, yet it insulates you better than thick cotton would. As a result, you’ll feel warmer in colder conditions (even if the fabric is wet). Conversely, in warmer climates, you won’t feel as hot.

Odour free: Wool is naturally resistant to odour-causing bacteria, which helps keep it odour free even after consecutive days of wear. Normal fabrics such as cotton or synthetics will start to smell bad after you sweat into them.

Long-lasting: Merino wool is almost seven times as durable as cotton. Your wool underwear will stay with you long after your cotton undies have fallen apart.

Comfort: Our underwear styles have been designed with your comfort in mind and put to the test to make sure they are completely itch-free. They are made of the very best superfine South African Merino wool to ensure they are the most comfortable pair of briefs you own. 


Go ahead and try something new – you won’t regret it. And if you’re really ready to take the plunge check out our Brief Underwear Bundles for Men and our Bikini Brief Bundle for Women.


Merino Wool Briefs Bundle Men




Keeping safe, keeping warm and keeping it sustainable

You spoke, we listened and now we are so excited! Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce to you the new Core Merino Wool Neck Warmer!

Over the past couple of years, many of our returning customers provided us with their very helpful feedback about our garments to help us improve our products. Among these valuable customer insights was also the wish to add a neck warmer to the collection. We always thought it was a good idea, we just never got around to it. Until now.

While all of us in South Africa as well as in other countries abroad were in lockdown during the pandemic crisis it got us thinking. How can Core Merino be of value and support during these sad, scary, and testing times? How can we turn some of the restrictions and difficulties into an opportunity for our customers as well as for our business? This was our thought process:

  1. Face masks would sooner or later become a requirement for all of us to wear when we go out into public spaces as we could see this already happening in other countries.
  2. Face masks made out of merino wool would be great, as wool is breathable, manages moisture well, and is even antibacterial.
  3. We should try to develop and manufacture some with our suppliers abroad. However, with the less and more restrictive movement of cargo ships and planes, it would prove difficult to get merino wool facemasks to South Africa soon enough. Besides, our own online sales were down and so was the Rand, it would be quite an economic risk to our business to invest in face masks.
  4. Besides, face masks can be quite restrictive and uncomfortable to wear and might not be an item we would want to wear for years. What could be a safe but better alternative? Neck warmers pulled over our nose and mouth!
  5. The advantage, once neck warmers no longer need to function as face masks they still serve a purpose to keep us warm and protected during winter, chilly summer nights, or for UV protection.
  6. If the solution is neck warmers, how can we make neck warmers quickly? We have a lot of Core Merino garments in unpopular sizes in stock, of which the fabric could easily be used to sew neck warmers.
  7. South Africa has many talented seamstresses who have more time on their hands during the lockdown.
  8. Bam – Lightbulb moment! Let’s create Core Merino Neck warmers out of our unwanted garments and support our local community.

Yes, you read right, we cut up our own Core Merino garments and had them sewed into neck warmers by wonderfully talented local South African seamstresses.

Now that you know the background to these Core Merino neck warmers you will understand why they are so great:

  • Safe – Like with all other face masks or neck warmers, covering up your nose and mouth will help reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus.
  • Comfortable – A neck warmer made out of merino wool will ensure you stay more comfortable while covering up your face as the wool is breathable, manages moisture better, and regulates temperature.
  • Versatile – A Neck warmer can serve multiple purposes, which makes them a good and long-lasting investment. During the pandemic, it serves as a face mask. During winter time it protects against the cold wind like a scarf. The lightweight merino also adapts well to hot weather when you need to protect yourself against a strong daft, sun or mosquitos. Last but not least you can also wear it as head protection or bandana.
  • Sustainable – merino wool is already a sustainable fibre. In addition, we created these neck warmers out of unwanted garments from our existing stock. These neck warmers are putting existing resources to better use.
  • Supporting our local community – all neck warmers were cut and sewn in South Africa by local seamstresses, which ensures an income during difficult and uncertain economic times.

That’s the story about our new merino wool neck warmers. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Let us know your feedback and other ideas, as that is how great things start.