Core Merino Supply Chain – Step 1

Wool grown in South Africa

All Core Merino garments are made of South African merino wool. Being a company of South Africa’s largest wool broker BKB we have direct access to the best South African merino wool. We even know many South African wool growers personally as they come in to visit our office, or we meet them at various agricultural events throughout the country. 

Most wool growers shear their wool in springtime and send their wool to the BKB warehouse in Port Elizabeth. During this time the wool gets tested by the Wool Testing Bureau South Africa to define the different qualities of the wool such as fineness (micron), strength, length, colour etc. All the testing results are documented on a wool test certificate. 

When it is time for us to purchase wool for one of our new designs, we place an order with the wool buying, exporting and processing company, who sit just a couple of doors down the hall from our offices, so we can discuss all details in person and inspect the wool we want to buy together. 

The wool is then purchased at the South African wool auction which is just across the street from our offices. The wool auction is an open cry auction to ensure woolgrowers get the best market price of the day they are selling their wool on. Once the wool has been bought for us the woolgrowers get paid within 5 working days.